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There are a lot of bugs in here.Especially for a paid game. I ran into one really bad one at the end (I think) where it froze up and wouldn't continue.

Aside from that I did enjoy this, good timing on jumpscares and intriguing story. 

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Thanks for playing i might check and fix this bugs !

This game has potential Obviously it has a few issues But keep up the good work 😁

Love video and thanks for honest review i do my best to improve this game ;)

Honestly, this needs a lot of work before release, let alone charging 5 dollars for it.

It's plagued with typos, areas where you can just get stuck and missing textures, a monster in the later part that is either invisible or didn't load, and a lack of direction due to notes that are unreadable.

Thanks for feedback i need work on it! Typos? yes im not a native english speaker.