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The Repeat is a horror game where you play as night guard on CEX Entertainment.

Today you working late-night shift monitoring on CCTV cameras in the hallways and rooms.

But something isn't right. You see in one of the cameras a someone or something looking in the darkness. So you decide to check what is it but it's not going well for you.

When you check one of the rooms you find many boxes and wooden plates but also a note about one of your teammates telling you about this place.

After wandering you heard weird noises and see weird shadows everywhere but you decide to go down.

But the elevator doesn't go all down but just 1 floor down. When you leave the elevator you see the same layout of the building as before weird enough you see another note.

After this, you find a mannequin but this is weird why is this there?

The game is about repeating hallways inspired by P.T. (Silent Hill: Playable Teaser).

You start on the seventh floor but on every floor, you find different things.

Game contains jumpscares, bang noises, mannequins, and monster.

Your job is to find all notes and leave this haunted building but will you make it?

The game could be short. You play at least 30-60 minutes.

On every floor, you find notes but also some information about people or places nearby CEX Entertainment on laptop desktops.

Mannequins would jumpscare you on a few floors and hallways.

In-game you can expect dark and scary ambient music, shadows lurking in the darkness, flashing lights, jumpscares, and more.


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